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Precisely What You Want

Are you serious about making a better life? We recognize that this program is not for everyone – there are plenty of other options that are easier. But if you’re committed, we’re willing to help. This is a personalized, one-on-one program to rejuvenate your body, sharpen your mind, enhance your emotional well-being, strengthen your immunity and revitalize your sexual energy.

Our Precision Health Program gets results – ask any of the dozens of people who have been through our doors in the last decade. We have just one big requirement for patients: go all in on our plan. You can’t do this halfway and expect major changes in your life. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied in more ways than one.

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Start Your Journey

We begin with a full-day Precision Health Evaluation. Yes, it takes a whole day. Yes, it’s necessary. No, you can’t do it remotely. Our evaluation is designed to give you a complete and total picture of your current state of health, and we have to see you with our own eyes for this to work. Our diagnostic tests will set a metabolic, endocrine and physiologic baseline for your personalized healthy aging program.

Test Your Lifestyle

Our in-depth testing provides diagnostics far beyond any routine annual checkup focused on health, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. To set this baseline, these tests will go far beyond any routine annual physical you have done. They include:

– Comprehensive Blood Work
– VO2 Max
– Body Composition Scan
– Cognitive Testing
– Physical Examination
– “Gold Standard” Exercise Assessment
Vascular Health Screening

Results That Deliver

We also include an in-depth consultation with your Age Management Physician, an exercise and nutrition consultation, a balance assessment and a customized age management program. When your evaluation wraps up, you will leave with a specific, definitive plan to achieve your healthcare goals. This plan will be based on our four pillars: hormones, nutrition, physical fitness and lifestyle.

Stay Accountable

You won’t be able to get rid of us easily. We will be your support system as you return home to implement your program. Lofty goals are inspirational for about five minutes. Changing your behavior is harder, and we want to give you the help you need.

As your personal team, we will be in touch through phone calls, emails and in-person as you walk through this journey. We will monitor your progress and adjust your program accordingly as your health improves. You will also have full access to our exercise and nutrition teams to create custom menus and workouts.

Depending on your situation, we may suggest specialty tests as well. We also require an annual re-evaluation to allow us to track your progress and optimize the program for your current situation.

This is your better life.

Personalized, precision healthcare is the future. You want to be here for your kids and your grandkids, so why not take advantage of this program right now? Set a new course for optimal health and walk into your better life today.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does “concierge” mean as a Better Life patient?

Our concierge program is designed to replace your primary physician. Concierge patients receive the highest priority access to both the physician and exercise and nutrition specialist.

What makes Better Life Carolinas different?

We continuously invest our time and resources into providing our patients the most scientifically advanced treatments available, such as regenerative stem cell therapies, GAINSWave, Viveve and the Emsella chair.

Does Better Life offer specialty testing?

Better Life offers a complete menu of specialty tests, from genetic testing to food sensitivity to cancer screening.

Are hormones included in the cost of the program?

No, they are an additional cost. Prescriptions for bio-identical hormones may be filled at the compounding pharmacy of your choice, or you may use the pharmacies recommended and used by Better Life.

What if I don’t need help with exercise and nutrition?

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Our exercise and nutrition specialists are qualified to raise the bar for even the most accomplished athlete.


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