Why Choose the Precision Health Evaluation

The physicians at Better Life have been redefining aging and disease prevention for over 15 years. Thanks to our renowned protocols, our patients experience rejuvenated physicality, sharpened mental acuity, enhanced emotional well-being, strengthened immune systems, and revitalized sexual energies!

Beginning your health journey.

You care about taking care of yourself and your family. We feel the same. It all starts with our extensive, full-day Precision Health Evaluation. Precision Health Evaluation is designed to give you a complete and total picture of your current state of health. This comprehensive evaluation sets the metabolic, endocrine and physiologic baseline for your personalized healthy aging program. In-depth testing provides diagnostics far beyond any routine annual checkup focused on health, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. Testing performed during this evaluation includes Comprehensive Blood Work, VO2 Max, Body Composition Scan, CIMT, Cognitive Testing, Omega-3 Index, Physical Examination, and a “Gold Standard” Exercise Assessment.

Pricing available upon request. Please call 843-737-2597 for more information.

Also included are a one hour consultation with your Age Management Physician, Exercise & Nutrition Consultation, Balance Assessment, and a Customized Age Management Program created specifically for your optimal health, goals, and lifestyle. At the conclusion of the Precision Health Evaluation, you will leave with a definitive plan to achieve your healthcare goals.

Now it’s time to start the next day of your new life!

Better Life is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with your personalized program. We believe physician/patient rapport in conventional practices rarely exist. Our physicians and Dr. Barber believe such relationships are extremely important in age management programs.

Pricing available upon request. Please call 843-737-2597 for more information.

Program fees are charged on the day of your signed program agreement, once your evaluation has been completed. Monthly fees thereafter will be charged automatically to your credit card, on or about 30 days from the date of your signed agreement and include the following:

  • We are your health care team providing personalized one-on-one care. Your Better Life physician and team will be in regular contact via phone, email, or in person to monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to your program.
  • Monitoring your blood work is important. You will receive a follow up comprehensive lab panel for evaluation of your health and progress on your personal plan. Additional lab draws, and specialty tests are an additional charge.
  • Changes may be needed as your body changes and your health improves. Your physician will continue to update and write prescriptions for your personal plan for therapy and supplements.
  • Maximize your health journey! There continues to be compelling data that exercise and nutrition play an important role in living a long, healthy life. We are proud to have two experienced, engaging experts as part of our team and encourage you to make them part of yours as well. Better Life is happy to provide you with full access to the Exercise and Nutrition Team. They will help manage food logs, create workouts, correspond with your personal trainer, chef, or nutritionist, and make sure you are receiving the best benefit from your exercise and nutrition programs.

We at Better Life believe that everyone deserves access to hormone replacement, precision medicine and optimal health. As part of our due diligence we have found several experienced certified compounding pharmacies that we will refer you to for your hormone therapy when indicated. You will be billed through these pharmacies.

  • Auto-Refill Management: Better Life is happy to take the guesswork out of having your prescriptions (written by a Better Life physician) refilled with your Pharmacy. The Patient Service Team will manage your refills and shipping dates so you do not have to interact with the pharmacy. We know you are busy, so let us help remove the burden of calling in your prescription refills each month.

Precision, personalized medicine is the way of the future. Better Life physicians are committed to providing you the cutting edge on all age management and disease prevention testing. In order to further enhance your health, our physicians may suggest a specialty test at any time during your program, for an additional charge. You may also choose to have a specialty test done by request.

Categories include:

  • Hormone Balance – An important key to vitality. Your hormones operate much like a symphony orchestra and must be kept in tune with each other.
  • Genetic – A rapidly growing field of medicine. We inherit our genetic potential but not necessarily our genetic certainty.
  • Gut Health – You are what you eat. A healthy gut is the key to your overall health.
  • Toxicity – We are exposed to tens of thousands of toxins every day which affect how we look and feel. Since WWII 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our environment.

Please refer to your Specialty Testing Options & Descriptions if you would like to order a specialty test.

In order to provide continuity of care, and the highest medical care it is important for your physician to see you annually. The purpose of the Precision Re-Evaluation is to assess your current status and to set new goals. The re-evaluation will repeat many of the same in-depth tests and comprehensive blood work done at your initial Precision Health Evaluation. This allows us to track progress, make adjustments to optimize your program with us, and address questions and concerns. This also allows access to your physician regarding your program, your health, as well as questions and concerns that can arise day to day without having to schedule and wait as is traditional with Primary Care Providers.

Pricing available upon request. Please call 843-737-2597 for more information.

Your personalized Better Life program is determined by the goals you and your Better Life physician choose. That means you are always in control, setting a new course for optimal health and youthful aging.

If you’re ready for a better life call 843.737.2597 today to schedule your Precision Health Evaluation.

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