Female Sexual Health

Female Sexual Health & Rejuvenation

While trouble in the bedroom affects countless couples, women’s sexual health is rarely discussed. Many people assume that sexual dysfunction is solely a male issue, but our team is dedicated to correcting this misguided notion.

 For women who have had it “up to here” with problems “down there,” Better Life Carolinas offers a variety of solutions. We have expanded our services to help women get back to a better place!

The O-Shot

The O-Shot is an innovative treatment used to increase sexual function in women. The treatment is designed to stimulate cell growth and increase sensitivity, helping women achieve more rewarding sexual experiences. To learn more, click here!


For women concerned with urinary and sexual function, Geneveve can help reverse the natural effects of aging and childbirth. A non-surgical approach to vaginal rejuvenation, Geneveve is quick and simple! Treatments last only about 30 minutes – and most patients require no down time! Click here for more details on Geneveve’s benefits.

If you’re ready to restore intimacy, call Better Life Carolinas today at 843.737.2597 to schedule an appointment!

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