Pharmacogenetic Testing

Make the Medications you Take Safer and More Effective with Pharmacogenetic Testing!

Despite the fact that drugs affect everyone’s bodies a little differently, modern medicine rarely accounts for this variability. For patients that are tired of a one-size-fits-all approach to medication, we’re proud to offer them access to an exciting diagnostic tool — pharmacogenetic testing.

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What is Pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetics is the study of the way genetic variability causes different people to respond differently to the same medication. Drugs are broken down in the body by enzymes; how and why these enzymes are released is, in part, dictated by the body’s metabolism. A person’s metabolism affects how long a drug is active or inactive in the body, as well as the times that a drug becomes inactive or active. The way that enzymes and the metabolism function are partially controlled by a person’s genetic code.

Many people have variable, difficult to predict enzyme action, meaning that drugs are often broken down too quickly, too slowly, or not at all. Most drugs need to be broken down within a specific period of time, both in order to be effective and to prevent harmful side effects.

Why is Pharmacogenetic Testing Important?

Despite the fact that the rate at which people break down medications varies slightly from person to person, drugs are developed based on the way the average person reacts to them. This can make many drugs ineffective or even dangerous to some individuals.

Pharmacogenetic testing is important because it gives physicians an idea of how each patient’s metabolism and enzymes will react to a drug. Using this information, physicians can create individualized drug therapy plans that will be more effective and safe for the patients undergoing them.

Pharmacogenetic testing is particularly important for our practice at Better Life, as our age management programs for both men and women rely on various medications that work to optimize their overall health and wellness. If these drugs aren’t given to patients in a safe and effective manner, they won’t experience the results that they want.

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